Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chicago photo diary

Here are some photos from our recent trip to Chicago. I was really gripped by the city this visit: by the light, the spaces, the buildings, the history, the bustle, the visual collisions and contradictions. It's a stirring, lively place to photograph.

I took the last ten shots while on a fantastic architecture boat tour offered by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The city's a living building museum, and getting the chance to explore it by water was a treat.

I also geeked out over a few pieces of public art by Frank Stella, all part of his Moby-Dick series. I included one of the pieces here; for more, check out this post, where I collect & muse on the rest.

(To view images in a slideshow, click one and arrow through.)

Covered sculpture at the Art Institute

Chagall mosaic

"Loomings" by Frank Stella

"Flamingo" by Alexander Calder

The Chicago Picasso

Detail of "MirĂ³'s Chicago"

View from "Monument with Standing Beast" by Jean Dubuffet

In Macy's

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