Sunday, May 29, 2016

Downtown photo diary, Spring 2016

I took a sunny Monday off of work in March and devoted much of the afternoon to walking around downtown and taking photos. I started out near Rosa Parks Transit Center, meandering through the Central Business District, heading down Gratiot -- toward the fail jail, Lafayette Park and Eastern Market -- and finally up the Dequindre Cut, which took me back home in Lafayette Park. There is so much to see within that small geographic footprint, so much variety -- I ended up shooting quite a lot, and am finally getting around to thinning the herd and sharing my favorite photos from the day. There are 24 of 'em:


  1. The photo with the busted facade and port-a-johns is particularly evocative. With a bit of PhotoShop or some building materials, it could almost be a Lafayette Park townhome.

  2. Amazing photographs!! Favorite is the "One Way" sign pointing towards the port window