Monday, June 12, 2017

"Infinite Work" in Detroit Research

I'm long overdue in sharing my contribution to Vol 2 of Detroit Research, the ambitious, multi-vocal publication centered on art making in Detroit today (with a focus on social practice/post-studio trends). Michael Stone Richards, who teaches at the College for Creative Studies and leads Detroit Research, invited me to contribute what he called a "dossier" on the dance artist and scholar Biba Bell, whose work I have written about fairly extensively and who served as guest editor of Vol 2, which had a dance focus. I ended up gathering together a selection of Bell's writings and interviews, as well as a handful of images of her performing, and wrote a short introduction to the collection. Excerpted below are that intro, an interview that Bell and I adapted from a longer conversation we published in Infinite Mile, and a brief description I wrote of her 2015 apartment dance.

To read the whole thing (and a truly remarkable collection of other writings on art and dance by a diverse cohort of artists, scholars, and writers), I'd encourage you to pick up a copy of the journal, which you can order online, and which, having been designed by Josh Smith of Who's That?, is a thing of beauty. Without further ado: